History/Background to the Cam, Dursley & Uley Greenway

In 2005 Vale Vision Development Trust produced The Community plan for Cam, Dursley and District and that identified that there were no designated cycle routes between towns and villages, to Dursley and Cam centres or in Dursley and Cam. The plan identified a wish for a designated greenway and a plan is now in place to work towards making this a reality.

The project team working on planning the greenway way are a highly motivated team working to bring this project to a successful conclusion and provide a beneficial route for all in the area.

Part of the Greenway became a reality with the opening of a small section within the Littlecombe development in Dursley.

  • The cycleway will be built to recognised standards.
  • It will be planned with ease of use for all users in mind.
  • It will be built to a standard that will provide for eventual adoption Gloucestershire County Council Highways for on-going maintenance.

And it will be accessible to everyone: cyclists, people with physical challenges, horse riders, walkers, school children, commuters & those who just want a short leisure trip, families, shoppers….

The next stage of the project is to continue the involvement of interested parties and the continued development of  route and funding for the project.

This project will be delivered step-by-step, bit-by-bit. We will overcome each challenge as and when we can and take advantage of opportunities e.g. part of the route is already open and being used at the Cam end of the Littlecombe Development.

Sections will be built and eventually be linked to provide an end-to-end Greenway.

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