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Posted by P maher on 02/02/2017

I bought a house in Littlecombe specifically so as to be able to use the Greenway--am really looking forward to it's completion

Posted by Rich on 26/03/2016

Hi is this still moving forward? I think this cyclepath would be a great addition to the area. I hope things are still moving forward with the plans.

Posted by Nigel Bowes on 27/06/2015

This is an excellent idea. Having recently moved into Uley I would be very happy with the introduction of a safe route through the major towns to promote cycling and healthy living.

Posted by Si on 27/06/2015   Email

As a resident on the uley road, dursley, with a young family, I think this would be an excellent development. I hope it happens.

Posted by Tracy on 25/06/2015

Brilliant project. Cycling on the roads can be so unpleasant and dangerous these days, it puts me off. This should get lots of support if media coverage is effective and people know how they can help. Best of luck :) My family would use this route!

Posted by Alex on 02/04/2015

Website looks good. I'll link to it from my Cam and Dursley cycling website,

Posted by Gemma Artz on 02/04/2015

Uley school too!

Posted by Linda Cherry on 02/04/2015

Well done everyone, a super website and a very worthwhile project, I hope it goes very well.

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